About Us

It started with a towel.

Brilliant, groundbreaking products are usually driven by a need. Coolcore started with a call from a theme park that needed a better cooling towel to keep their customers hitting the rides during hot summer days.

Lots of companies make cooling fabrics. But, that towel assignment got us to thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great to make a towel that wicked away sweat and cooled people without the need for the spray-on chemical’s used by others?” Six months later we had a cooling fabric that not only cooled much better and was better for the environment, that little towel lasted much longer because there were no chemicals to wash out.

Today, Coolcore creates research proven performance fabrics that help people all over the world live active, athletic lives. You’ll find our fabrics in shirts, shorts, ice wraps, headbands, hats, shoes and a variety of other products. But we’ll never forget that it all started with that little towel.

Based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Coolcore creates research proven performance fabrics that help people all over the world get the most from their active, athletic lives. All of our fabrics have patented technologies to promote moisture wicking and transport without the need for chemicals that can wash out or are harmful to the environment. This new, breakthrough cooling technology allows us to create fabrics that cool better and retain their cooling capabilities longer than any other maker of cooling fabric. And it’s why our fabrics are selected by major consumer brands around the world to make athletic apparel and other types of wicking clothing.

Granite Textile Company

As part of the 2015 expansion plan, Coolcore opened Granite Textiles. Based in Shanghai, China. Acting as the eyes and ears of our factory, the Granite Textile team is the main point of contact allowing Coolcore a seamless line of communication between the designers and factories. This team works on-site, in financial maintenance and production logistics for all of our projects to make sure things are running smoothly and on time. Comprised of highly skilled fabric developers and designers, Granite Textiles is key to the Coolcore family ensuring top quality product development and production.