Coolcore is dedicated to providing our customers with top quality, performance fabrics that don’t harm our planet in the process. Our fabrics are sustainably made and provide chemical-free performance so our partners can rest easy knowing that they are making the best quality products.


Chemical-free, mechanically engineered technology
Performance that doesn’t wash out
Recycled yarn-based fabrics
Blended with compostable and biodegradable fibers
No topical treatments
Sustainable mill practices
With apparel resource consumption set to triple by 2050, Coolcore is taking a firm stance on sustainability. We are developing fabrics that are made from recycled materials and still maintain a top level of performance and comfort. We will continue to do this without the use of harmful chemicals that can not only harm our planet, but the consumer as well.
Our mission to provide products that don’t harm the planet is at the forefront of Coolcore’s decision making. We have committed to working with partners who join in this mission. Together we can work to reduce the global impact of the textile industry.