Coolcore R&D Lab

Our goal at Coolcore has always been to provide superior, chemical-free performance fabrics. We work alongside our customers to provide them with the foundations of a great product and ensure their consumers are happy and comfortable. Introducing the Coolcore R&D Lab, a team of in-house developers, designers, and fabric specialists that research current trends, create new innovations and maintain testing standards to make sure we are providing the best possible fabric options.
Hohenstein WATson test
Proprietary in-house testing
Third-party testing upon request

3rd Party Testing

We’re very proud that Coolcore became the first U.S. company to receive the prestigious Innovative Technology award from the Hohenstein Institute. In 2015 the ITMA Future Materials Awards gave Coolcore its Best Innovation—Sports and Outdoor Apparel award for our patented cooling fabrics.

Cooling Power Test

The first WATson test took place over 90 minutes, with temperatures recorded every second. At the tests conclusion Coolcore had demonstrated superior cooling power over all the competitors:


more cooling power than Leading Outdoor Company “A”


more cooling power than Leading Athletic Company “B


more cooling power than Leading Outdoor Company “C”


more cooling power than Leading Athletic Company “D”


more cooling power than Leading Athletic Company “E”


more cooling power than Leading Athletic Company “F”

Drying Power Test

Drying power is simply a measure of how long it takes for a fabric to dry once sweating ceases. This is also related to lack of saturation. Since Coolcore materials excel at moisture transportation, at the end of the test (or exercise) you are left with a shirt that is uniformly moist but not saturated anywhere, so drying happens quickly.

The WATson machine’s sweating plate is shut off at 70 minutes. At the 80-minute mark the temperature reading shows that the Coolcore material is significantly drier than every competitor. Due to the higher cooling power of the Coolcore fabric during the test, the Coolcore material was evaporating more water, resulting in less overall water that needed to dry at the end of the Cooling Power test.

Wet Cling Test

Wet cling is a specialized test developed by the Hohenstein Institute which gives a relative value of how much a fabric “clings” or sticks to a person’s skin when wet. They draw the fabric over their proprietary system (after exercise) and measure friction to simulate the cling. A lower number is better and anything above 10 will have discomfort from wet cling as a result of the saturation.