Wear Testing

The results displayed below are based on the feedback of 40 field testers located in 11 states and 4 countries. The field testers are made up of a diverse group of both hardcore and recreational athletes who are wearing Coolcore t-shirts in the field, at home and (in many cases) at work.

Without a Question,
This Fabric Technology Works!

After testing in the lab and field, the following observations could be made about Coolcore’s fabric:
The fabric is very durable both to extreme abrasion and many washings.
Although not always apparent to the end user, Coolcore is more comfortable in hot conditions and prolongs and positively enhances athletic performance. This is most notable when worn by endurance athletes during high aerobic activities. This is by far the most comfortable shirt our testers have ever worn in the heat.
Coolcore works best with moving air as the moisture cooling properties are activated by a breeze, the wind and/or air movement that occurs when the end user is running, cycling, hiking, walking, skating, boating, etc