What to Wear Running in Any Temperature: A Free Infographic

There are countless excuses you can make when it’s time to go for a run outside, but not knowing how to dress for the weather shouldn’t be one of them.

Oh, we’re well aware of how miserable it is to guess wrong. Like when you layer up in all your warmest gear and hit the pavement on a chilly December day. ‘I’ve got this!’ you think, hitting your perfect stride.

Not 10 minutes later you’re choking on your scarf and sweating profusely.

Or maybe you skip the layering because the sun is shining brightly. Surely, you’ll heat up as you go along, right? Not when it’s 15 degrees. Don’t be surprised if you have to turn tail and run home because you’re too cold to keep going.

Coolcore wants to help take the guesswork out of dressing for outdoor runs, which is why we made this helpful layering infographic. It outlines what to wear running in different temperature ranges so you never have to feel unprepared for the weather again.

Feel free to bookmark this page or print it out to reference before you head outside.

Happy running from Coolcore!

What to Wear Running in Any Temperature: An Infographic