The Seven Best Yoga Gifts You Can Buy This Holiday Season

Gifting season is here! A time when we could all use a little yoga, for sure, but don’t let shopping for your favorite yogi stress you out. This gift guide is perfect for the yogi, or aspiring yogi, in your life. We’ve rounded up the hottest yoga products just for you. Whether you’re self-gifting (hey, no shame) or racking your brain for gift ideas for friends and family, we’re here to help.

1. Prolite Yoga Mat

A high quality yoga mat can really help advance your practice, and this option has all the necessary qualities. Yogis who use it describe it as supportive and durable, and it’s known for not absorbing sweat or smell. And, in the struggle to balance quality with affordability, the Prolite yoga mat from Manduka is one of the best options on the market.

Buy it now! Manduka | $82.00

2. Chillband Studio Women’s Headband

Twisting into complicated poses is no easy feat, especially when your hair keeps falling in your face. Cool down and stay focused with this stylish and functional “Chillband Studio” headband, available in ten different colors and patterns.

Buy it now! Coolcore | $13.99

3. Breathable Yoga Mat Bag

Say goodbye to tucking your mat under your arm at the end of class. At an affordable price, this bag fits most mats and is made of breathable fabric that allows your mat to air out after class.

Buy it now! Gaiam | $24.98

4. Chill Sport Cooling Towel

For the hot yoga fans in your life, this Coolcore “Chill Sport” cooling towel is made from organic, chemical-free material that instantly cools you off. The towel comes in 17 different patterns and colors and has a calming, cooling effect that they’ll definitely want for their next savasana.

Buy it now! Coolcore | $14.99

5. Yoga Apps

With the gifting feature of the App store, you can now purchase an app and send it to someone else as a present. What’s more is that there are a ton of different yoga apps out there that would make the perfect little gift for a yogi. Check out Yoga Journal’s top picks!

6. Womens ‘Connection’ 7/8 Tights

There’s nothing worse than feeling restricted by your clothes when you’re trying to master some new poses. In Coolcore’s ‘Connection’ 7/8 tights, this won’t be an issue. Both flexible and breathable, these tights are what the yogi in your life is looking for.

Buy it now! Coolcore | $72.00

7. ToeSox

No, not those kind of toe socks. ToeSox has come out with five-toe grip socks for barre, pilates, yoga, and more. They offer non-slip grip and a hygienic barrier so you can really enjoy your favorite classes. They’re especially helpful for holding extended poses.

Buy it now! ToeSox | $15.00 – $18.00