Four Outdoor Workouts for Colder Temperatures

Getting outside is great motivation to work out. Unfortunately for a lot of us that motivation tends to waiver when the temperatures start to drop. But whether you’re trying to maintain an exercise regimen or starting a new fitness journey, you don’t have to be stuck indoors during the colder months.

When the urge to hibernate strikes, grab your cold weather gear and try one of these outdoor workouts.

Go for a Run

Whatever the temperature, running is one of the best aerobic exercises you can do, and a great excuse to get outside any time of year. It’s also a simple workout—you don’t need any equipment and you can see a lot of health benefits from a relatively short amount of time, which is great for squeezing in workouts with fewer daylight hours.

The key to running in colder weather is to prepare your body by:

  1. Wearing the right layers
  2. Warming up properly

Your clothing should provide insulation but also be breathable, so you don’t end up with sweat-soaked gear that can actually make you feel colder. As for a warm-up, that part of the workout you can do indoors, because if you feel warm when you head outside, the cold won’t matter as much.Outdoor Workouts for Colder Temperatures

Take a Hike

Walking in nature might not seem like a workout in the same way going for a run does, but hiking has been shown to have both physiological and psychological benefits even a short distance at a brisk pace up and down an inclined trail is great work for both strength and endurance.

Bonus: It’s much more scenic than the treadmill at the gym.

When it snows, swap the hike for an afternoon of snowshoeing. You likely won’t be moving as fast, but the motion of walking in snowshoes can be even more of a whole-body workout than hiking.

Cross-Country Skiing

Even if you’ve never skied before, cross-country skiing is a workout you should consider this winter to break out of the same old fitness routine. It’s full-body cardio and toning exercise that doesn’t feel like just working out—especially if you drag family or friends along—and you can pick up the basics fairly quickly even as a beginner.

Strength Training With Cardio Intervals

Just because it’s colder doesn’t mean you can’t take your favorite strength training workout outdoors. Find a clear space like your driveway, or a local track or basketball court, and alternate intervals of strength exercises with short bursts of cardio. You’ll burn calories, build muscle, and stay warm!

With the right preparation—and the right gear—cold weather workouts can be just as enjoyable as warm weather workouts. So don’t let the colder temperatures drive you indoors. Get out there and get moving!