Coolcore, Global Fabric Innovator, Launches Line of Natural Performance Fabrics

Jen Burn, Backbone Media
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Portsmouth, N.H. — Jul 20, 2017

Coolcore, the global leader in chemical-free thermoregulating fabrics, today announced the launching of its new Natural Performance Fabric Collection. Coolcore’s Natural Performance Fabric Collection combines cotton’s comfort with the performance and functionality of synthetic fabrics. Coolcore’s Natural Performance Fabric Collection is chemical-free and does not wash out, while providing superior wicking, drying and cooling capabilities. The Natural Performance Fabric Collection will launch with select partners before being integrated into Coolcore’s complete collection of chemical-free thermoregulation fabrics.

“Our Natural Performance Fabric Collection utilizes our complete range of technology know-how that has made Coolcore the global leader in chemical-free thermoregulation fabrics,” said Kevin McCarthy, Coolcore’s President and CEO. “Based on market research, our team determined there was an opportunity to develop a true cotton rich performance fabric that did not degenerate with washing and that could out-perform synthetic fabrics in the area of wicking, drying and cooling consistently over a long period of time.”

With Coolcore’s commitment to independent testing, the Natural Performance Fabric Collection significantly outperformed a wide range of competitive premium synthetic and natural blend products. Coolcore’s Natural Performance Fabric Collection will launch in a range of men’s and women’s apparel products later this year.

“As the industry leader in chemical-free, thermoregulation fabrics, we are excited about continuing to deliver exciting and innovative technology to consumers across multiple markets,” said McCarthy. “Our material and product offering puts sustainable performance first, and as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in fabric evolution, we are gaining traction among our consumers and the people in the industry who look to Coolcore for everyday appeal and superior technology.”


About Coolcore:
Coolcore, the global leader in chemical-free thermoregulation fabrics, has partnerships to develop fabrics and finished goods for consumer brands throughout the world. The patented, chemical-free Coolcore fabrics deliver three distinct functions — wicking, moisture circulation and regulated evaporation, all which keep you cool, dry and comfortable.  Coolcore fabrics and technology are also used in all Dr. Cool recovery and relief products (Ice and Compression Wraps) which are designed to incorporate cold therapy and compression into any recovery regimen.  Coolcore fabric formulations have earned the prestigious “Innovative Technology” recognition from the Hohenstein Institute, a first for a U.S. company, and the only company globally to be awarded this recognition for “Cooling Power.”