5 Tips For The Holiday Shopping Procrastinator

Here’s the deal.

We can no longer guarantee you’ll get items before the 25th of December… But, with our biggest sale still going on (50% off!) you may want to consider these options.

Win Win

Buy something you want for yourself for someone the same size as you… If you get it in time, great! If you don’t, you can still gift it a little late, or just keep it for yourself!

Blame Us

If you don’t receive your Coolcore gear in time for Christmas, just blame us. You and your loved ones can spend quality time bonding in your shared contempt for us, then forgive us when their gifts arrive and they love them!

The Classic IOU

Buy yourself some time with an IOU. This works best with friends and family that don’t already have a stack of these from you.

Treat Yourself

Forget the holidays altogether and treat yourself while this amazing sale is going on! Saving money on performance gear is fiscally responsible any time of the year, right? Tell yourself anything that will help you sleep at night.


We have some Coolcore gear on amazon too, with more shipping options! Note: Even Amazon isn’t magic, you might want to order soon!


Shop Now!

Seriously, stop putting it off!