Providing research driven technologies that manage temperature and moisture to maximize an individual’s performance and recovery through chemical-free fabrics.

Sweat happens. Whether you’re running a marathon in Death Valley, or skiing in Aspen, Coolcore fabrics wick moisture away from your body in every direction keeping you dry and comfortable no matter what season it is.

While the other makers of cooling fabrics use a number of chemicals to enhance wicking, transportation and evaporation, Coolcore fabrics are chemical free. To make that possible, we changed the essence of cooling fabric technology right down to its very core.

360º Moisture Movement

Coolcore fabrics are engineered to distribute moisture quickly throughout the garment. This essentially eliminates any sweat spots that would normally appear. Since the moisture spreads throughout the garment, it will dry much faster keeping you cool and comfortable.


Coolcore is a research proven performance fabric technology that adapts to its environment and regulates temperature by managing heat and moisture. The proprietary construction helps manage and distribute your body heat, and if you work up a sweat, it rapidly cools through regulated evaporation. Whether for the casual or athletic minded… Coolcore has the ability to change your personal environment and greatly improve your overall well being.

Coolcore’s Natural Performance Fabric Collection combines cotton’s comfort with the performance and functionality of synthetic fabrics.