Coolcore’s cooling material innovation has undergone over four years of lab and field testing and recently became the first US Company to receive the “Innovative Technology” recognition from the world-renowned Hohenstein Institute recognized globally since 1946 for its market leading testing systems serving the textile industry.


The Hohenstein Institute was founded in 1946 as an independent and privately owned research and teaching center for the textile and clothing industry and for commercial textile care companies. With over 500 employees in 40 global offices in 20 countries, Hohenstein has specialized in testing and certifying textile products of all kinds for over 60 years. They have created globally recognized and renowned testing systems based on independence and neutrality, with no possibility of commercial influence.


  • Versatile thermal testing device for special conditions
  • Heated measuring head with fast response time to simulate the warmth sensation of human skin
  • Various ambient climates (hot/humid -cold/dry)
  • Numerous edge conditions (sweat, wind, “sun”)
  • Results: Cooling power/area in Watts, temperatures under & above the sample
  • Based on the principles of the Hohenstein Skin Model –but it is an all new separate development

		  Institute Watson Cooling Power Test



This is a measure in instantaneous Watts (energy) needed by the WATson machine to keep a garment at a specific temperature. The higher the number means the fabric is performing better (cooling more) and the machine is expending more energy to keep it at the given temperature; some Coolcore fabrics have reached a level of 6.8 Watts vs. the maximum of 7.2 Watts.

  • 5 Coolcore materials
  • 7 Competitive brands
  • 3 Competitive technologies

The testing covered basic wicking, moisture management, and overall cooling over a 90 minute testing period, with temperatures recorded every second.

Cooling: Fig. 1

Cooling: Fig. 2

  • 36% more cooling power than Leading Athletic Company "B"
  • 50% more cooling power than Leading Athletic Company "F"
  • 78% more cooling power than Leading Outdoor Company "C"
  • 30% more cooling power than Leading Athletic Company "D"
  • 40% more cooling power than Leading Athletic Company "E"
  • 25% more cooling power than Leading Outdoor Company "A"


Drying power is simply a measure of how long it takes for a fabric to dry once sweating ceases. This is also related to lack of saturation…since Coolcore materials are so good at moisture transportation, you end the test (exercise) with a shirt or fabric swatch that is uniformly moist but not saturated anywhere, so drying happens quickly.

Drying: Fig. 3

The WATson machine’s sweating plate is shut off at 70 minutes. At the 80 minute mark the temperature reading shows that the Coolcore material is significantly drier than every competitor. Due to the higher cooling power of the Coolcore fabric during the test, the Coolcore material was evaporating more water, resulting in less overall water that needed to dry at the end of the Cooling Power test.


Wet cling is a specialized test developed by the Hohenstein Institute which gives a relative value of how much a fabric “clings” or sticks to a person’s skin when wet. They draw the fabric over their proprietary system (after exercise) and measure friction to simulate the cling. A lower number is better and anything above 10 will have discomfort from wet cling as a result of the saturation.



These final results are based on the feedback of 40 field testers located in 11 states and 4 countries. The field testers are made up of a diverse group of both hardcore athletes and recreational athletes who are wearing the t-shirts in the field, at home and (in many cases) at work. All testers were required to fill out a final evaluation form after the eighth week of the testing period. One tester wore the shirt for more than 400 hours! The final findings were based on responses to a detailed final evaluation form submitted by all testers, as well as administrative observations made in the field.


  • The fabric is very durable both to extreme abrasion and many washings.
  • Although not always apparent to the end user, Coolcore is more comfortable in hot conditions and prolongs and positively enhances athletic performance. This is most notable when worn by endurance athletes during high aerobic activities. This is by far the most comfortable shirt our testers have ever worn in the heat.
  • Coolcore works best with moving air as the moisture cooling properties are activated by a breeze, the wind and/or air movement that occurs when the end user is running, cycling, hiking, walking, skating, boating,etc.



An Ecuadorian Sports Club based in Guayaquil, best known for its professional football team.

  • With thirteen national championships, Barcelona is tied with El Nacional for national championships in Ecuador. They have also won six regional titles (five in the professional era), and were the first Ecuadorian club to make it to the Copa Libertadores finals, having done so twice. Their success has led IFFHS to name Barcelona as the top club in South America in the 20th century.
  • In addition to football, the club has teams in professional basketball, bowling, boxing, swimming, volleyball, baseball, football, athletics, and tennis. In 2008, its basketball team was the champion in the Ecuadorian National Basketball League.


24 Players divided into 2 groups of 12 (includes all positions) Group 1 wearing Coolcore fabric on odd days and a Competitor Leading Cooling Company and Leading Athletic Company fabric on even days.

Group 2 wearing Coolcore fabric on even days and competitors’ fabric on odd days.

The test measured Surface Temperature in the chest, groin, core temperature (rectally) and under the arms. The testing was performed on each player regardless of position and all data retrieved will then average by player and then by group.

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TESTING RESULT #1: Surface Temperature Over an 80 minute testing period, the Coolcore uniform has a 30% lower surface temperature than the Leading Athletic Company and Competitor Leading Cooling Company Uniform.

TESTING RESULT #2: Core Body Temperature Over an 80 minute testing period, the reduced surface temperature of the Coolcore uniform results in a .5º lower core body temperature than the Leading Athletic Company and Competitor Leading Cooling Company Uniform.